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Speech by Prof.Mohamed Nor Fatani


Assalaamualaikum brothers, sisters and cousins from Malaysia and from Saudi.

• Honorable Chairman of the Organising Committee Reunion4 in .  Kuala Lumpur Haji Kamaruddin Hashim,

  Beloved Dato Dr Wan Mahmud Wan Othman,

  Beloved Dato Nik Khalid Mohammad Kamil,

  Beloved Dato Nik Farid Mohammad Kamil,

  Fawaz Fatani

  Nizar Bantan

  Esam Batobarah


On behalf of Dr Mohammad Noor Yaseen, and guests from Saudi cousin from Makkah, I am truly grateful to be standing here tonight to express our gratitude for the warm reception and the excellent hospitality that had been provided to us during our stay in your beautiful country, Malaysia. Which demonstrated the sincerity of affection and friendship between the Saudi and Malaysian Families. This friendly relationship is not an urgent matter, but a firm belief. This amicable relationship is not something to be taken for granted, it was one big family in the 60s and 70s in my father’s generation.

The family was small then, maybe 50 to 100 members Then, the family grew in the new millennium so big that it now becomes about 3,000 members.

It is easy for everybody to just mind their own business and focus on their own small family and ignore cousins in Malaysia or in Saudi, but we would have lost valuable friendships with something in common among us, our great man sidi Sheikh Mohammad Ismail Fatani who was born in Malaysia,

Fortunately, there were many of us who worked hard and maintained these blessed ties from the Saudi side, such as Sami Fatani, Ibrahim Fatani, the late Dr. Amin Yassin, Fawaz Abdul Aziz, and his team, many of them from the Malaysian side, wan Yusuf, Dr. Nick Fuad Kamel and Haji Din, they worked tirelessly, collected the components of the family tree and cover part of this social Values. Had our great-grandfather, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ismail Fatani, been alive with us, he would have blessed those efforts to remain connected. May Allah bless this noble effort.

    When I was young my late father and late mother brought me to Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Kelantan, this was in 1974, and it was an eye opener for me to meet family members who were so excited to meet us.

We had personalities whom we knew in common, we admired them and we love them. Remembrance of them alone could bring us together as a point of common interest.

Today we meet here more than 200 family members all with a smiling face, we will never forget these beautiful moments. InsyaAllah the interest will grow in future and we shall continue to support these reunions.

We shall Meet Again Insyallah may be In Makkah again. Or Fatani Thailand

    Thankyou Allah blees your Gathering




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