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عبدالعزيز عبدالغفار فطاني


His Eminence Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdul Ghaffar Fatani
His Eminence Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdul Ghaffar bin Muhammad Noor Bin Ismail Fatani was born in a house full of knowledge, righteousness and blessing next to the AL Masjed alharam in Makkah , east of Al-Masaa’, in 1350 AH in the Al-Qashashiyya neighborhood in the Al-Fatani alley and so-called “Al-Khordfushi” alley, He grew up and began his academic, practical and family life in the house of his grandfather, the scholar Sheikh Muhammad Noor bin Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani, , As our grandfather brought the whole family together, sons, daughters and grandchildren.
His schooling days: Sheikh Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him, received his early elementary education at the School of (Altargiah) and so-called Kuttatib for about a year and a half in the neighborhood of Al-Qashashiya. The principal of the school at that time was teacher Ahmed Ajimi, and that was before the year 1360 AH. Then he entered a formal school called Then Al-Falah schools until the fourth grade of primary school, its director was Mr. Isaac Azzouz, then he continue his study at Al-Rahmaniya School in Al-Masaa for his primary schooling where its director, and it’s head master was Abdullah Al-Sassi, then he joined the Almaa’had Alailmi Al Saudi (Saudi Science Institute) in Jabal al-Qalaah, where he studied for four years, which is equivalent to a high school certificate. Among some of his teachers at the institute at that time is Mr. Muhammad Ali Shalawala and al-Kharraz, some of whom are of Egyptian nationality, where he received Sciences
subjects such as hadith, Arabic language, hadith terms and obligatory duties And a bit of English, then he completed his university studies at the College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion, and he graduated 1396 AH. He was one of the first to obtain a BA from that college. His colleagues is Dr. Rashid Al-Rajeh, Dr. Abdullah Al-Turki, Professor Abdul Rahman Sherbini and Dr. Abdul Wahab Abu Suleiman.
His career: he started his career at Ministry of Finance in 1366 AH, in Makkah as katib shahadat (certifiers officer) and its director was the poet, Professor / Muhammad Hassan Faqih, Then he transferred his job to the Presidency of the Judiciary and what is now called the Ministry of Justice they were worked for eight months in Makkah and four months in the city of Taif the resort of the Hijaz people. so that he worked in the summer in the city of Taif for four months and he accompany his family. Sheikh Abdulaziz held several positions in the government. He was a clerk at the presidency of the Judiciary Court, then a court Clerk at the Court of Cassation, and then he became the director of the Court of Cassation during the reign of Sheikh Muhammad Salih Ibn Saliem, then He was appointed as Inspector of Courts at the Ministry of Justice in Riyadh and promoted to the ninth rank as Judicial shadowing Director at Taif Court for eight years Then he was appointed as a notary in the First Notary Public Administration in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, On the tenth rank and director of the administration at the same time under the presidency of Sheikh/Muhammad Saeed Rahmatullah and Sheikh/Abdulaziz Ibn Hanash Al-Zahrani.
then he promote to Vice President and Director of the Department, where he retired in 1410 AH
after he spent thirty-eight years working in the field of courts in the Ministry of Justice.

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