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It is the creation of a "family documentation" project program with the aim of building an accurate and integrated information base for family members (male and female)

In order to maintain family cohesion, this project will be based on the General Committee (Documentation Committee). This facilitates finding more communication between family members and also has a significant contribution to ensuring the family fund is performed easily and conveniently.

Your good is your best for his family, and I am good for you for my family. A noble hadith and support to the endowments in providing the necessary information to carry out their tasks

Project implementation mechanism:
The Family Documentation Committee creates a page to put a data form with a full explanation of how to fill it out for all family members, and after filling out all the information and starting entering it on a program dedicated to collecting, arranging and organizing data.

Program Goals
Carefully enumerate the family members (male and female)

Limit the donations that reach the fund

Identify supporters and donors for their appreciation and thanks

Record all cases in need of help from family members and record the recommendation approved by the committee

Identify the families associated with the descendants of Sheikh Muhammad bin Ismail

Print the family tree in a coordinated and clear manner.

Providing information for endowment management and providing consultation.

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