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The True Story of the History of the Waqf Endowment

Administration of

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Ismail Fatani

Written by : Kamel Mahmoud Fatani

Sheikh Abdulla had four sons, Sheikh Daoud, Sheikh Idris. Sheikh Abdul Rashid and Sheikh Abdul Qadir and one daughter Siti Khadijah. They lived in a small village called Kerisik in the province of Patani, south of Thailand.

Circa 1826 Sheikh Daoud decided to migrate to Terengganu and then to Makkah to escape Thai Buddhist rule under the King of Siam. At this time, the Buddhists were killing Muslim scholars. Sheikh Daoud took with him the nieces, daughters of Idris, Fatima and Zainab. They stayed with him in Makkah. Fatima and husband Abdul Rahman gave birth to Abdul Qadir. Zainab and husband Ismail gave birth to Muhammad.

Sheikh Daoud took it upon himself to raise the sons of his nieces, Abdul Qadir son of Fatima and  Mohammad son of Zainab.

Sheikh Daoud was then one of the scholars of the Al-Masjed AL-haram and was a well-known dignitary of Makkah. From the money donated by his students he used it to buy land and houses which were used to accommodate his students and pilgrims from Malaya and Patani, including his house, which was located in a soug aliel, a night bazaar in Al-sawagh Alley, known as “the resident of Nik Mahmoud Saleh Fatani” and sometime called "Alhajar Alley" he bought two pieces of land next to it , one in the Alsaghah Alley. and the other in the “Barhat Al-khandafushi”, adjacent to his house.

Sheikh Daoud was known for his wisdom, honesty and truthfulness, which made some of well-known dignitaries of Makkah trusted him greatly and donated their properties to Sheikh Daoud and thus Sheikh Daoud had a lot of endowments properties in the form of land and houses. Abdul Qadir child of Fatima, was a student and companion to Sheikh Daoud and was one of his trusted students, and he attended all Sheikh Daoud’s lectures in the the Al-Masjed AL-haram and helped him to carry out his work, including managing Sheikh Daoud's properties (land and houses). All the property deeds were kept in his custody and managed by him. One day, Sheikh Daoud asked Abdul Qadir to bring all the property deeds to him and the Sheikh decided to distribute all the property deeds between Abdul Qadir and Mohammad. Based on the distribution it was evident that the Sheikh preferred Abdul Qadir over the cousin Mohammad for whatever reasons.  Mohammed bin Ismail built and reconstructed a house in Barhat al-Khandafushi, where his large family later lived for several years until it was evacuated due to a fire that broke out in 1987 and was called “The House of Qasashiah (The Big House)”.  all the land and houses inherited by the children of Sheikh Muhammad bin Ismail, managed by a responsible Waqf Administrator appointed by the elders from the family of Sheikh Mohammad Ismail.

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