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zakari fatani


zakari fatani

Zakaria Yahya Abdullah Fatani, the fifth son of Sheikh Yahya Abdullah Mohammed bin Ismail Fatani, was born in 1938 in Makkah in qushashiah dist. al-Khardfushi alley.
He studied secondary school and high Diploma in Mecca, then he continue his education in the United States in 1957. and received his degree B.Sc (geology). he is Saudi Scientist by classification (who's who) and civil servant.
Starting his career with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (currently the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources) as Assistant Director Geological Administration, then in charge of the geological missions to Saudi Arabia Department, he worked as Director of Technical Services Department for several years; He is responsible for the Ministry's fleet of helicopters and fixit wings aircraft, Director of General of Mineral Resources . He retired in 1997. He married Hayat Mohammed Sembawa with three children , Ameer, Ammar and Jihad's, among his Hobbies, is reading, Exploring (scientific trips) and travel.
He died of cardiovascular disease. at the age of seventy-eight years in the first 18 Jomad alawal 1435 AH and buried in the Ma 'alla Mecca. may Allah have mercy on Shaikh Zakaria Yahya Abdullah Fatani

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