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Mahmmud Fatani

In the history of the Fatani family of Virtuous women who supported their husbands They raised their children well and preserved our grandparents' heritage and glory. The lady of the women of Mohammed bin Ismail Fatani is Khadija bint Mohammed bin Ismail Fatani, She remained in high esteem with her father, her children, and the family as a whole
. Khadija, is the second daughter of shaikh Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani, Born in Al-Saugh alley in Al-Qashasha neighborhood, early in 1300H. after which Amin and Kalthum were born, she is the fifth daughter among her brothers. She tended to be white skin color and her features bore the features of her mother Amna Faraj Said Al-Fiomi Egyptian-Turkish origin. she gives birth started with the eldest son Abdullah and then Mohammad nur and then amin then Kulthum and Khadija came after them with qualities and features of beautiful features and qualities.
Over a wide eye, a lovely high nose and a full face, she bears the affectionate and determined qualities of grandmother with her daughters and her only son, Mahmoud Saleh Fattani,
Her father was a student who sought religious lessons and obtained them from Makkah scholars, headed by Sheikh Dawood bin Abdullah. After his death, Sheikh Abdulkader accompanied his aunt's son until Mohammed bin Ismail became an Orator and speaker who took place at of Al-salam the Gate and throws of Sharia Sciences at his students from the pilgrimages and migrants living in Mecca to seek a Sharia scince. Sheikh Mohammed bin Ismail was one of Hajaj Fattani and Malaysia's leading Motawif. Khadija received from her father elementary sciences and reading and memorizes the Holy Quran and learned from her mother Amna Faraj the art of running the house and cooking. Sheikh Salih bin Zain Al-Abidin Fatani, a man used to work with Khadijah father who is one of the students of sharia'a and works with him in the affairs of Hajj and pilgrims, so Salih proposed to her, his father is one of the religious scholars, and his name is Zain al-Abidin, and he was known as (Dean). So salih married to Khadija, and she gave birth to Nafisah, then she gave birth to Kulthum, then she gave birth to Jawaher, then she bore him Mahmoud.
when her father died in 1333 AH
Her brother, David, abandoned twafah and Hajj affair, Khadija was chosen to to take over Twafah and Hajj Affair of pilgrims under her father's name. Under the auspices of her brother, Mohammad nur Fatani, who spent the annual tawafah allowance on her. During her years, she married her daughter, Kalthum, to Sheikh wan Abdulrahman Fatani, her nephew, Fatimah. Her son Salih Abdulrahman Dawood Fatani was born several months later, her daughter Kalthum died. His grandmother, Khadija, took over his upbringing and education in the schools of Makkah.
When the First World War broke out, its anguish spread in the Makah society, Mohammadnor, her older brother in Mekkaha, Muhammad Noor, her eldest brother, who is in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, sent all his family, headed by his sister Khadija, her daughters, her son Mahmoud, and her grandson Salih,. Khadija travelled to Malaysia. And she stayed in Terengganu in Kelantan and married her daughter Nafisa to Yahya bin Abdullah Fatani, the cousin of Nafisa, and Jawaher married her cousin Abdul Ghaffar bin Muhammad Noor Fatani, then Khadija moved to Patani and lived in the city of Kurisik
During her, her son Mahmoud studied in its schools until he was able to work as a teacher of the Arabic language and the Qur’an so that they would have a source of livelihood.
When the First World War stopped, Khadija returned to Makkah al-Mukarramah by Fatani pilgrims ship, accompanied by her son Mahmoud and her grandson Saleh bin Abdulrahman Fatani. And her brother settled her in the Building on Rooftop room with outdoor decks house, with a bathroom, and a kitchen. Khadija was the subject of the interest of her brother, Muhammad Noor, as was the subject of the interest of her son, Mahmoud, who was employed as a teacher in Al-Falah schools and shared the expenses of his mother, then his wife, Amna, whom he married when he was in his second decade of life. His mother, Khadija, used to encourage him to seek knowledge and seek livelihood, which at that time was difficult and little. And his wife, Amina, was appointed to him in order to seek a livelihood, and he helped her to print the madawarah (head cover for women), sew it, and sell it.
Khadija and her brother Daoud: Daoud, after he traveled with his family to Malaysia, was fascinated by living there, married a girl from Fatani, and settled with her in Kelantan.
And she gave birth to his sons and daughters, but during the years of his life he had to travel to Mecca for Hajj, so he used to stay at the house of his sister Khadija. And Sheikh Dawood, may God have mercy on him, had an opinion as he objected to the status of the tawaf from which he used to receive annual fees from the tawaf al-Jawa in his capacity as the son of the Motawif Muhammad ibn Ismail Fatani
And the Tawaf system gave the offspring of the Motawif some of the annual profits as an allowance, and the subsidy continued to be provided to Sheikh Dawood until a decision was issued by the competent authority to stop subsidies for the children of Motawif, except for those who hold Saudi nationality awif some of the annual profits as an allowance, and the subsidy continued to be provided to Sheikh Dawood until a decision was issued by the competent authority to stop subsidies for the children of Motaif, except for those who hold Saudi nationality And to be residing in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and the same is the case with the sons of Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani, who are Muhammad Kamel, Maimoonah and Hafsa, who reside in Malaysia and did not want to give up his Malaysian nationality. Sheikh Ishaq bin Wan Dawood and his mother Fatima bint Muhammad bin Ismail and their father, and that Dawood was a Sharia student in Mekkah and worked with Sheikh Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani. Sheikh Ishaq bin Wan Dawood was working in Malaysia with a legal profession, He is fluent in speech, and his culture was Arab, as he studied in Mecca for a few years before traveling to Malaysia. He used to come for Hajj and Umrah and live in the house of his aunt Khadija, and they were happy to meet their sister Khadija, and they lived in her apartment and slept in her outskirts, happy meeting with Sheikh Mahmoud Salih Fatani, his son Fadel and Kamel, and his nephews, Nafisa Zain al-Abidin and Faisal In the presence of Saleh, her grandson, and Abdulaziz, the son of her daughter, Jawaher. Her son, Mahmoud, was arranging hosting services for them, so that his wife, Amna, would prepare lunch and Supper. And her son Kamel sometimes helps to prepare the Area for the evening party outside, offers tea and water, and shares sleep with them outside Where the weather is spring, her nephew Ishaac and her brother Muhammad Rashid, they spend the evening in family talk. Her son, Mahmoud Saleh, was also happy to talk to his mother and advise her to reduce the times of ablution and confirm washing the organs several times Her grandson, Salih Abd al-Rahman, lived with her in her apartment. Salih was employed in the court, and he became the one who spent on her since he returned with her from Malaysia. The grandmother, Khadija, was good at cooking and loved to eat from her own hands, but her daughter-in-law, Amina, and her two daughters, Nafisa and Jawaher, helped her sometimes when she was old.
As the days passed, and the grandmother, Khadija, grew up old, and one day she longed to travel to Medina to visit the mosque of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, So she asked her son Mahmoud to arrange this, so she traveled with Amna, the wife of her son Mahmoud, and accompanied by Fatima, Amna’s sister, who is a young woman. They took with them the son, Nayel Ibn Mahmoud, who is six or seven years old and He was very active. traveling to the Madinah munawarh took more than half the day, so they went down to rest in a village on the way, ate dinner, and prayed the obligatory prayers. Recreation door So the grandmother, Khadija, got up to pray, so she asked Nayel to go to coffee shop boy in which they stayed, to ask him about the qiblah, so he was at his movement and was barefoot.
A scorpion stung him at the door of the rest house, and Nayel died a few hours later from the scorpion sting, and his grandmother grieved a lot for him, as he entertained her and imitated her a lot, and she was sad for her losses, and this sadness remained for a long period of her life after the trip to Medina. And when Sheikh Mahmoud had a new son, and he reached the age of a few years, and she imagined him to be her son who died in Scorpio And his grandmother used to remember him and cry for him and sing to him (Barhoum Barhoum Hakini), which is the song that coincided with the death of her son, Nayel, may God have mercy on him.
In the month of Rajab of the year 1376 AH, Khadija bint Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani died in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, in her house in Al-Qashashiya, at the age of about 75 years.
Almost so, the family mourned for her, and our grandmother, Khadija, who struggled in her life and who bore Arab features that she acquired from her Egyptian mother, wept.
Originally, she was the pilgrims’ raft in the name of her father, Sheikh Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani, who was entrusted to her after the death of her brother, Sheikh Muhammad Noor Fatani, and Daoud abandoned the raft for his travel to Malaysia.
May God have mercy on you, Khadija, and make you dwell in his spacious gardens.
And your memory was and still is the focus of our memories and our happy memories with you in the shade of your tenderness, kindness of heart and generous disposition - may God have mercy on you and make Paradise your resting place and may God unite us with you in the stable of His mercy.

Greetings from Kamel Fatani 12/6/1444 AH

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