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Mahmmud Fatani

Salih Abdulrahman Fatani, was born in 1345 Ah in Makkah . He is the first son of Wan Abdul Rahman Dawood Fatani. His mother is Kalthum Saleh Fatani. His Grand Mother is Khadijah bint Mohamed bin Ismail Fatani. Kalthum sisters is Nafisa, Jawaher and Mahmoud, Kalthum is married to her nephew Abdul Rahman Fatani, son of Fatimah bint Mohamed Ismail Fatani. His father Wan Dawood he is Talib Alam, (Shariah student) emigrated to Makkah al-Mukarramah. During Hajj season he worked with Sheikh Muhammad bin Ismail Fatani, he also attended his classes. Saleh was the first son of his parent. His mother passed away after his birth and his father left to Malysia and married a woman there and had Hassan, Husain and Fatimah. Saleh Abdulrahman Fatani raised by his grandmother Khadijah. She gave him the best upbringing and enrolled him in primary schools in Makkah. Later then, conflicts rose between rulers of Makkah and the Othmanians following the World War1. Living in Makkah became tough and so Khadija immigrated with her family and her sons, Mahmoud and grandson Saleh to Malaysia via ship. They first arrived at the port of Benning then resided in Terengganu then Kelantan. The family Nia' Khuzana, a prestigious and wealthy Malay family, welcomed them. Soon later, Khadija arranged a marriage between her daughter Nafisah and her cousin, Yahya Abdullah Fatani, who immigrated to Malaysia with his family where he started working hard in his fathers printing workshop. Afterwards, her daughter Jawaher married her cousin Abdul Ghaffar Mahomed Nur Fatani in Terengganu. Khadija then moved to Fatani, South of Thailand, where she enrolled her son Mahmoud in schools to complete his studies till he became an Arabic language and Islamic teacher. And so, he became a big reliability for his mother and his nephew Saleh, who was at the age of blooming at that time. When the first world war subsided, Khadija returned to Makkah with the help of her brother Mohammed Nur. Khadija lived at the fourth floor (top roof room) of a the small house, which is a residential place for the family, with her son Mahmoud and her grandchild Saleh Abdulrahman. Mahmoud married his cousin Aminah, the eldest daughter of sheikh Mohamed Nur Fatani. And Saleh Abdulrahman finished his education in Makkah and worked in various job and then he worked a notary in the Makkah High Court. In the meantime, and During Hajj season he also worked with his granduncle, Sheikh Muhammad Nur Fatani. Meanwhile he Maintained living with his grandmother Khadijah until she passed away in Makkah 1376h. and he lived in the same roof top apartment. In the Meanwhile, he purchases a land in Alaziziah in east side of Makkah with the help of his cousin Kamil Mahmoud Fatani.
One of Saleh Abdul Rahman's hobbies was gardening, as he spends some of his time tending to the garden of his uncle Mahmoud Saleh's yard in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Zahir.
And spending some of his time in the al-Fattaniya bench in the al-Qashshaya in the big house. Traveling is also one of his hobbies. Saleh made several tourist trips in his life with his friends and cousins to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Finally his cousin Faisal Yahya Fatani Arranged marriage between Saleh Abdulrahman and a woman from Makkah named Aishah Fatani The marriage ceremony was held at Faisal Fatani's house in Al-Shishah. His brother, Dr. Hussein Abdel-Rahman and his son attended Saleh's marriage ceremony, along with the rest of the family, relatives and friends. At the invitation of his cousin Kamel Mahmoud Fatani, Salih Abdul Rahman Fatani spent his honeymoon in Riyadh as a guest of Kamel Mahmoud Fatani. After he came back from his honeymoon, he started construction in his new house in Makkah Alaziziah. And he moved after one year to his new house.
His parting: Saleh Abdulrahman Fatani, may Allah have mercy on him, died at the age of seventy-five years after a bout of high blood pressure and entered a coma for several weeks, and Saleh Fatani was buried in the cemetery of Ma’alla in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
He left behind a wife, three daughters and one son.
1-Jihan, 2- Hannan, 3-ehsan 4-Mohamed.
Greetings from Kamel Mahmoud Fatani 24/12/1444Ah

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